A bit about me...


I try to get out as much as possible with my hoops.  Check out my calendar to see where I've been and where I hope to show up next - all is weather permitting.  This next year, I plan to be teaching less (however I am always open for parties, small group and private classes!) and playing more with the hoop. 

I continue to be very interested in promoting hooping in Iowa, soooooo if you see me out and about ----please come over and hoop with me!!!

Within my hoop practice, I am feeling more solid with angles.  Yeah!  I am really trying to get 3-beat weave with the hoops before the performance in Feb.    Turns out the 3 beat weave with the hoop is still eluding me.  Update - I now can do the 3 beat weave frontwards and am working on the reverse!  However rolls are my new obsession! Thank you Khan!

Hope to see you all hooping...

mary - sparklehoopdance@yahoo.com

Let’s get together and hoop....

My favorite things


  1. 1/2” irragation tubing 36” in a multi-colored gaffers weave.

Places to hoop in Des moines

  1. Snus Hill Winery - Fri. night

  2. Grey’s Lake - every Sat in July/Aug from 12-1.

  3. Des Moines Social Club


  1. Kid Tribe

  2. http://kidtribe.com/

  3. Hoopnotica

  4. http://hoopnotica.com

  5. Hoop Convergence

  6. https://sites.google.com/site/hoopconvergenceorg/

  7. Hoop Path

  8. http://www.hooppath.com/cms/

  9. Hoop Camp

  10. l http://hoopcampretreats.com/

  11. Hoop Technique

  12. http://www.hooptechnique.com/

  13. Hoop Drum

  14. http://www.hoopdrum.com/

  15. Hooping.org

  16. http://www.hooping.org/

  17. Hoop City

  18. http://www.hoopcity.ca/