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What is hoopdancing?  Hoopdancing occurs when you use a hula hoop as a partner while dancing.

Gosh, I'm don't know if I can dance that well? - No problem the hoop is forgiving and never talks about you behind your back.

I've tried to hoop before and I couldn't.  Why do you think I can with you? - Chances are you were trying a small hoop.  They are hard for adults to use since they are made for kids and most likely you are not the same size as a kid.  In the hoopdance community, hoops come in all sizes just like the people you use them.   The hoops are made of plastic tubing of various diameters and widths. The larger/heavier hoops are easier to use as the increased weight and circumference establish a momentum/rhythm that is slow and steady.  These are often used by beginners and those seeking a more meditative experience with their dance.  Smaller sizes are used when the individual wishes to be more expressive in their dance.  The smaller/lightweight hoops are easier to use both on and off the body. 

I'm totally fascinated - is there more? - Of course there's more.  Hoopdancing is huge!!! 

Happy hooping
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